National Week of Making: Honoring Makers, Creators, Innovators & Entrepreneurs


I am honored to be recognized by SELF MADE as a MAKER for the White House's National Week of Making, June 17 -23. It thrills me that this comes during Immigrant Heritage Month and on World Refugee Day. There is no more fitting month, week, or day to celebrate all of us who daily strive to find solutions for ourselves and our communities - those whose strength is born out of resisting the powerlessness that comes from struggling through untenable situations.

Today, the number of refugees, asylum-seekers, and internally displaced people around the world has hit a record high of 65 million. 65 million souls whose homes, peace of mind, safety, and security has been torn from them. Now more than ever we need more MAKERS, more ‎FIGHTERS, more ‎GAMECHANGERS.

Beginning today, commit all of your tomorrows to giving back hope to at least one person. Be a #MAKER and be someone's hope!