Lions Write builds and manages social ventures that give voice and value to the voiceless. Inspired by the African proverb, “Until the lion learns to write all the stories will glorify the hunter,” Lions Write’s founding principles dictates that those directly affected by the problems we aim to solve be active participants in the process. Our goal is to offer innovative solutions that are grounded in reality and promote a sense of pride within the affected communities that ignite a desire to live beyond the limits of their current circumstances. 

In partnership with corporations, governments, and civil society organizations, we build social impact initiatives focused on immigrant integration, employment, access to technology, and education. We are at our best when finding new ways to solve old problems.

Where the DREAM began- 

With 2009 came the rise of advocacy in the United States where those directly affected by a broken immigration system unveiled the lives lived in the shadow of statistics and innuendos. “Dreamers” - named for the immigration legislation aimed at granting legal status to young immigrants who have grown up in the U.S. - decimated the false narrative of undocumented immigrants as a monolithic group of uneducated and ill-engaged individuals, and revealed a diverse, committed, commanding, and relatable group of immigrants. Their voices shattered myths, misconceptions, and ignited a nation’s consciousness.

“The stories of struggle and perseverance told in our own words gave way for a seismic shift in the public’s understanding of “the undocumented.” We empowered allies and policymakers to make arguments for reform rooted in reality and backed by human connection. Together we taught the lion to write!” - Tolu Olubunmi, Founder & CEO Lions Write